plank ebuild bump, removal of xfce-extra
[dweezil.git] / games-rpg /
2015-04-26 dweezilnew eternal lands 1.9.4 data
2015-04-02 dweezileternal lands dependency fix
2014-06-09 dweezilEnable subtitles for Flight of the Amazon Queen
2014-06-07 dweezilDragon History ebuild
2014-06-07 dweezilSoltys ebuild
2014-06-07 dweezilDrascula: The Vampire Strikes Back ebuild with resizabl...
2014-06-07 dweezilLure of the Temptress ebuild with resizable windowed...
2014-06-07 dweezildreamweb ebuild
2014-06-07 dweezilupdated Beneath a Steel Sky ebuild with resizable windo...
2014-06-07 dweezilupdated Flight of The Amazon Queen ebuild with resizabl...
2014-06-04 dweezilnew Olivine maps ebuild for Eternal Lands
2013-03-04 dweezilupdate Manifest
2013-03-04 dweezilfixed ebuild
2013-01-30 dweezilInitial commit